Zaza Motha does the gorge swing in Zambia

Sawubona‘s Junior Features Writer, Zaza Motha took the plunge on a trip to Zambia and here’s the video to prove it.

Zaza says the trip to Zambia was definitely one to remember: “These adrenaline charging activities with operator Wild Horizons are a must for outdoor lovers and will give you bragging rights for your entire life. Jumping off a cliff should not be taken lightly. I did the ‘Flying Fox’ with relative ease, running and jumping off a ramp to a bird’s eye view of the Batoka Gorge. The zip line, a high-speed ride down a cable angled at 45 degrees into the gorge, was a bit terrifying. Then came the terrifying gorge swing, which is a free fall down the gorge which ends in a 90 degree pendulum swing above the turbulent Zambezi River waters, but I did it. And may do it again. One day!”

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