The latest Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study by travel aggregator and search platform Expedia has revealed some rather interesting world travel habits, with some putting more of a damper on travellers’ experiences than others.

Some 18229 people from 23 countries were surveyed to reveal what travel experiences and habits make their holidays less enjoyable, with the guilty parties at the top of the list coming as no surprise.

Airplane habits and annoyances

When it comes to flying, 51% of the global respondents said seat kickers, bumpers and grabbers were at the top of their list of annoyances. The “aromatic passenger” annoyed 43% of the respondents, while inattentive parents annoyed 39% of fellow travellers. Some 90% of respondents said walking barefoot on a flight was a definite no-no.

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One-quarter of American travellers found it rude to recline one’s seat, while their European counterparts were more likely to ask co-travellers to put their seats back up. Catching some shut-eye on board does not come without its own irritations, as just over one-half of the respondents find nothing wrong with waking up snoring fellow passengers.

The report also found that the Mile High Club isn’t popular amongst American travellers, with an overwhelming 73% stating they would never be sexually intimate with a stranger or travel companion in-flight.

These are the top flight and airport annoyances for travellers:

  1. The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (51%)
  2. The Aromatic Passenger (43%)
  3. Inattentive Parents (39%)
  4. Personal Space Violators (34%)
  5. Audio Insensitive (29%)
  6. Queue Jumper (18%)
  7. Pungent Foodies (14%)
  8. Baggage Mishandler (13%)
  9. Armrest Hog (13%)
  10. Airplane Mode Violator (11%)
  11. Security Newbie (9%)

Hotel habits and annoyances

According to the study, “a whopping 80% of American respondents agreed that the worst things to encounter when checking into their hotel room are bedbugs” when it came to accommodation violations. Some 67% of respondents dreaded finding a used condom or wrapper in their hotel room. Cigarette smoke and unpleasant odours in hotels also came in as top annoyances for travellers around the world, and unclean surroundings are the top motivator for travellers opting to switch to a different hotel.

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Some 30% of American travellers “confessed to booking a hotel for hooking up, and 10% admit to purchasing overpriced adult movies”.

These are the top accommodation violations for travellers:

  1. The Inattentive Parents (45%)
  2. The Hallway Hellraisers (41%)
  3. The In-Room Revellers (41%)
  4. The Complainers (29%)
  5. The Party-goers (27%)
  6. The Bar Boozer (27%)
  7. The Bickerers (20%)
  8. The Loudly Amorous (19%)
  9. The Hot Tub Canoodlers (11%)
  10. The Elevator Chatterbox (5%)

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