Weakening pound makes it an opportune time to visit the UK

Inbound tourism numbers to the United Kingdom have experienced a sharp increase as the pound continues to weaken. A spike in tourist numbers was recorded for the month of January 2017, which resulted in an 11% increase compared to January 2016 according to the Telegraph UK.

As a result, tourists are increasingly making their way to the UK.

The weakening pound puts strain on the nation’s inflation, foreigners are taking advantage of the depreciating currency at retail stores.

The pound, which continues to fall below the Euro, fell last week following Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of the 29 March date for triggering Brixet through the Article 50 legislation.

The country has however been short of positive tourism pull factors, with the recent terriorist incident which took place in Westminster, London where five people died, including the attacker, who prior to being shot down by police, ran a car into pedestrians and a stabbed a fatally stabbed a police officer.

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Prior to the incident, the UK had adopted a ban on electronic devices larger than cellular devices in flight cabins on from 10 airports in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Calls for security to be increased around the houses of parliament continue to mount as police continue to investigate the Westminster attack.

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