Would you trust an app to decide where you’ll go on holiday?

After filling out a few details and defining your budget on the Pack Up + Go travel app – a revolutionary travel service that decides your destination and itinerary –  there’s nothing else required of you but to pack for the perfect weekend break.

The US-based “surprise travel agency” is taking the stress out of planning a three-day weekend getaway and adds childlike excitement and wonder to the often stress-inducing vacation planning process by deciding where users will go, based on their interests, and booking it all for them.

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From booking your means of travel and securing accommodation to suggesting local sights to check out through a curated map of recommendations, it’s travel made enthralling.

The company, founded by CEO Lillian Rafson, was founded on the belief that “travel has healing properties,” and is run by a small team of avid world travellers.

The types of travel packages available through the app include multi- or solo-traveller trips in the USA by plane, bus or train, as well as road trips.

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If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, you can also gift a Pack Up + Go trip. The weekend getaway would be thoughtfully put together and based on the details of the person purchasing the gift, the recipient of it and the special occasion.

Users can complete the survey without any commitment to see what would be recommended for them on the website.

A testimonial on the website by “Meredith W” reads: “What an incredible experience to travel somewhere unknown and just relax and enjoy the ride. I want all my friends to take a trip like this at least once in their lives. It’s not so much where you go, but your attitude and willingness to go with the flow that matters, on this or any other trip.”

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