Trevor Noah on success

One of South Africa’s favourite comedians, Trevor Noah has gone on to have massive success internationally as an entertainer, performer and talk show host.

While he doesn’t necessarily want to refer to himself as an international star, he recognises and acknowledges his own success.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever label myself as an international star, but I am a comedian who’s very successful and lucky to be working in the world internationally. I’m proud of my achievements,” Noah said.

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He believes that the formula for success is not a complicated one, and will always boil down to two things: hard work and determination.

“It’s about going where the work leads you and taking your no’s as an opportunity to find the yes’s,” Noah explained.

He went on to say that when he worked in South Africa, his initial dream had never been to leave the country – but that’s where his work led him and that’s where he went.

“If anything, I would encourage people of South Africa to create excellence here. Many movies are coming to South Africa to be shot so we know we have the technical ability. South African actors are appearing in TV shows and movies overseas, so we know we have the talent over here,” he said.

“What we need to do is keep building on the personal and physical infrastructure and working on our excellence. Just because it’s South African, doesn’t mean that it has to be inferior and that’s what we need to keep focusing on.”

He said that what has been his greatest joy in his career thus far is the fact that he, as a South African, could export a piece of himself and his country to other places in the world, in the same way that we have imported comedy, music, movies and TV for so long.

“Be excellent here [first], don’t wait for overseas. Just work on making the best thing possible in your country and then you will find that overseas will come knocking and you may not even want it then,” he said.

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