6 Trendy Destinations

Knickerbocker Hotel, New York

If you’re shopping for holidays (or just dreaming about exotic lands and far-flung places), look no further than Sawubona’s current list of fabulous global destinations, hotels and eateries. Take your pick!

1.The Knickerbocker Hotel, New York

The iconic landmark that is The Knickerbocker Hotel is close to Bryant Park and since it’s right on Times Square, it’s the perfect pre- or post-Broadway dinner spot. Charlie Palmer at the Knick serves everything from a classic steak frites to a nicoise salad. The views alone are worth staying the night.

2.Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean

Although it might take days (and lots of boodle) for South Africans to get there, the Turks and Caicos islands are a sought-after destination and for many good reasons, including some of the best diving in the world at Amanyara’s “Hole In The Wall”. Besides world-class service and beautiful design, the Amanyara is known for scuba-diving opportunities. Sighting of schools of master snappers near the hole itself is guaranteed and the scattered coral heads are populated with rare species like reef butterfly fish and viper moray, giant green moray, chestnut moray and spotted eels.


Image courtesy Amanyara.

3.The Goldfinch Brasserie, Amsterdam

Situated along Amsterdam’s Unesco-listed canals is The Waldorf Astoria‘s The Goldfinch Brasserie, an elegant lunch venue that is ideal for a business meeting (with bike or car valet) or a long, lazy feast, followed by a walk in the gardens on site. Try the Toro Tuna Tartar, Japanese Ribs or Pan-Fried Foie Gras, paired with wines from Europe.


The Goldfinch Brasserie, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. Image courtesy Waldorf Astoria.

4.Cesme Alacati, Turkey

Alacati never really had a decent accommodation, but that was the charm for many wanting to escape the touristy scenes in the rest of Turkey. Recently, Ottoman-era stone houses have been turned into “butik otels” (boutique hotels), with newcomer Alayya loved by locals and the creative set coming from Istanbul.


Martime-inspired alleyways, Turkey.

5. The Madison Hotel, Memphis, USA

The City of Blues and Elvis Presley has so much more to offer besides musical history. City and State has superb coffee, The Beauty Shop attracts the most interesting characters and soon, Hugo Matheson’s Kitchen will be feeding visitors. Make sure that you stay downtown at The Madison Hotel, with its views over the great Mississippi River.


Verandah with a view – The Madison Hotel, Memphis.

6.Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Diamond Hill, a little-known neighbourhood just a 20-minute subway ride from the madness of central Hong Kong, used to the slum home to the poorest of the region, but it is now attracting artists and young couples in search of affordable studios and slightly less chaotic living.  Exploring this up-and-coming area in this amazing city makes for the perfect outing. Of course, you should only consider resting your head at the awesome Peninsula Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Iconic destination, iconic accommodation – The Peninsula Hong Kong.


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