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Phalaborwa-born Corbie Phillips is the Head Designer at London Land Interiors, she offers insight into her favourite destinations and her philosophy on life…

I moved to the UK with my partner in 2005. We both love travelling and being British made things much easier in terms of passports. The opportunities in design are more diverse in London than almost anywhere else – and, of course, the possibility of eventually living and working freely anywhere in Europe was a major drawcard.

Underground subway station at Piccadilly Circus in London

I believe that if you love what you do, it becomes your life. It can’t be divided into weekend and work time. It’s all-consuming as you think about it constantly. Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I see potential design solutions, new materials, colours and trends.

Travelling is inspirational to me in many ways. It’s the most important thing anyone can do, as it gives you insights into how other cultures live and experience beauty, as well as what they value and why.

Travelling’s also making me consider more sustainable design options, while broadening my experience and vision. It’s introduced me to new ways of thinking and has shaped and enriched my aesthetic. The diversity of experience that comes with travelling can only make you grow.

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  • “Spending six months travelling in South-East Asia and the Far East, going from Burma to Vietnam to China, was fantastic. I love the people, colours and food.”
  • “My first trip to New York also stands out – its buzz is very different from that of any other city I’ve ever visited. The strong Art Deco influence in the architecture grabs me, as do the grittiness and confidence it exudes.”
  • “I also still have a heart thing for Cape Town, where I once lived in the shadow of that magical mountain. I love going back to see friends, hang out and watch sunsets over the Atlantic, while sipping cocktails.”

New York

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