As the advance of cryptocurrency further entrenches itself in modern society, it’s also becoming a popular means of paying for travel. From hotels to airlines, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash are increasingly being used by travellers.

Europe-based and in the USA are among travel agencies around the world that have accepted cryptocurrency as a method of payment since as early as 2013. These sites make it possible to use the virtual currency to pay for flights, car hire and even accommodation.

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American travel search engine and aggregate Expedia allows travellers to use Bitcoin to secure hotel bookings. In March this year, a South Korean hotel booking platform with over 50 000 properties, Yeogi Eottae, announced that it would begin accepting 12 cryptocurrencies through one of Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange companies, Bithumb.

When it comes to other items on your travel budget, such as food, there are a number of online platforms that list fast food eateries that accept Bitcoin. These include, which highlights restaurants across the world by cuisine type or country. There’s even a Subway in Buenos Aires that accepts Bitcoin.

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Like with any other form of currency, it is important to observe some safety precautions to avoid falling prey to scammers when paying with cryptocurrency. Forbes has highlighted some tips travellers can use to stay safe.

See the infographic below from the online publication:

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