Travel the world without quitting your job

The idea of travelling to your dream destinations, crossing each one off your bucket list may sometimes seem far-fetched, especially with the demands of our day-to-day lives, financial restraints, or the anxieties that come with considering taking time off work. The idea of a “indefinite” or “permanent vacation” is not an option for most, even though there are stories of individuals, couples and even families quitting their jobs to do so.

Here’s how you can take that much-needed holiday without having to quit your day job.

Decide on the “when” and the “where”

The first step to going on holiday quite simply put, begins with deciding where it is you want to vacay, for how long and when. This helps define the holiday in a way you can visualise and plan in all respects: financially, booking, preparing the necessary documentation, and yes, putting in your leave. “One day” can then easily become “in six months’ time”.

Speak with travellers

You probably have a friend or two who’s seen the world. Now, whether they casually drop the names of destinations they’ve seen during brunch or not, they are your best bet in getting the inside scoop on how to best achieve your travel goals. So treat them like your personal travel agent who can share information with a better understanding of your position and with an actual lived experience you can unpack.

Friends and colleagues who have travelled can, for example, assist in advising where to go for the necessary paperwork, so you don’t lose too much time at the office, queuing in the wrong lines, or where the best places to stay are at your desired destination so you don’t spend hours on online searches.

Let your company know you’re available to travel

Letting your manager know that you’re keen and available for any required business travel is a sure way to kill two birds with one stone. You can explore the country or international destinations while working, and most importantly, saving.

Local is really, really lekker

The idea of travelling abroad may seem overwhelming. A weekend getaway can work wonders on your wellbeing, letting you return to the office refreshed and rejuvenated – a great combination for better performance.

Sign up for travel newsletters

Subscribing to travel newsletters allows you to keep a radar on what holiday opportunities are out there in terms of specials, travel seasons and affordable packages that won’t leave you needing to sell all your belongings.

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