How travel boosts careers

Travelling does not only impact your personal life, but it can even influence your career. From the culture and social norms to the different business practices to which you are exposed, you gain a richer understanding of the world – an asset that can only benefit your professional life and make you a more attractive candidate to employers.

International registered training organisation Unskilled argues that “most employers will agree that travel can give you an impressive set of life-skills, including time management, people skills and self-confidence.”

Speaking to The Guardian, career adviser at the University of Gloucestershire Katie Bateman says travel may lead to more attractive job candidates in the eyes of potential employers. “Graduates can learn another language and prove just how adaptable they are by embracing change and learning to adjust to a different culture,” she explains.

The prospect of travel being a employment benefit makes companies attractive to job-seekers as well. Gone are the days of simply offering retirement funds or medical aid. Companies offer travel as a employment benefit to boost morale, relieve stress, extend time away from the office and expose employees to new cultures, according to Forbes.

Furthermore, some recruitment sites encourage travellers taking a gap year to enjoy some travelling before entering the job market or while pursuing their careers. Gap Guru says: “By taking time out, you can take a step back from what you’re doing and think about where you really want to go in life. Chances are you’ll return with new motivation and the confidence to make the most of your next steps in life. This is equally true for older gappers, who by taking time out, can breathe new life into their careers.”

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