There’s 1 000 whiskeys to savour in this underground Paris Bar

Appreciators of whiskey may have had their wishes granted with this French bar that lies beneath the city of Paris. Wine – a choice synonymous with the city – takes a backseat in this establishment, with a selection of 1 000 whiskeys to choose from, it boasts an impressive whiskey experience made for the connoisseur.

Golden Promise, spearheaded by the La Maison Du Whisky retailer and Youlin Ly, was fashioned from an underground vault beneath  the La Maison du Saké restaurant. Several rooms made up the basement area, which lead to the creators designing each room to encapsulate an atmosphere fitting of the choice of whiskey it would be enjoyed  in.

One of the rooms offers 800 rare whiskeys which can be sampled by appreciators. Another offers Japanese whiskeys exclusively, in what is known as a “Salon Japonais”. Whiskeys from other parts of the globe such as America, India, Ireland and Taiwan are also served.

In 2016, France was ranked the highest for whiskey consumption per capita, while in the same year, it actually ranked only third for wine consumption.

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