A Taste of the past: Origins at Marine Hotel

The imposing Marine Hotel in popular Hermanus is putting a new twist on combining historic flavours of the area’s ancient peoples and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enter Origins (open seven days a week for lunch and dinner), the lovechild of (very) old-world eating and the freshest of fresh food.

“At Origins we look back to look forward. We look back to The Khoisan – our first people – to run a restaurant that brings the joy of food, telling the story of our region’s culture, cuisine and ingredients on every plate,” says Executive Chef Grant Parker.

So what’s on the menu? As the Khoisan understood so well, there’s nothing more communal than a meal shared, so expect small plates that pay tribute to the social act of sharing. Dishes such as South Atlantic tuna tartare with sesame and kohlrabi and Cape Malay-spiced mussels with toasted focaccia bread, as well as pulled winelands’ pork lettuce wraps with chipotle honey and crackling make up the tapas-style eat-together delights. For mains, try the generous surf and turf dish (called “Origins of Land and Sea”), the restaurant’s signature dish, which includes sirloin, lobster, prawns, calamari, mussels, chicken wings.

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