These African visual artists should be on your radar

Trevor Stuurman

South African entrepreneur and visual artist Stuurman is no stranger to the creative world. He has worked with numerous brands and leading fashion houses. Stuurman’s work often embodies Africa’s cultural heritage; he recently released a series of images, caputuring the spirit and energy of the Black Panther blockbuster.

Trevor Stuurman’s travelling eye

Photographer Trevor Stuurman is one of the continent’s creatives who have brought the African aesthetic to the fore and with his eclectic yet authentic imagery, he’s continued to push the boundaries and set far-reaching trends.

Born in Kimberley, Stuurman began his career at 19, breaking onto the scene after earning the top accolade of ELLE Style Reporter in 2012. With a keen eye for photography and style (check out Stuurman Style Diary), and equipped with an honours degree in Motion Picture from AFDA, he’s worked as a trend consultant for retail giants Woolworths, Edgars and Markham, as well as for magazines Glamour and…
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Trevor Stuurman’s travelling eye