Tsikwe Molobye: SA’s prince of craft beer

Over the past few years, South Africa has seen what could easily be termed a ‘craft beer revolution’, with more beer consumers looking to explore further than the regular lager brands many of us are used to.

While many may have enjoyed making their own beers in their kitchens or garages as a hobby, others have leveraged on this growing demand in the country by turning their beer-making hobby into a business.

One person who has made this a success is Tsikwe Molobye (31), founder and head brewer of Stimela Brewing Co. With almost two years into the business, Stimela has seen massive…
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Tsikwe Molobye: SA’s prince of craft beer

5 craft beer spots around SA


If you’re in search of a festive pint, here’s our list of great places to quench your thirst for good craft beer.

1. Stanley Beer Yard
Head to Stanley Beer Yard at 44 Stanley in Jo’burg where you can sink into a leather couch while enjoying craft beer or boutique wines amidst the eclectic decor. Alternatively, enjoy the warm weather beneath the olive trees while snacking on delish food such as pregos, mussels in a tequila white wine sauce, and cheese boards.

2. Capital Craft Beer Academy
Situated in Menlo Park, Pretoria, this establishment prides itself…
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