Kuli Roberts Paints Rome Red

Radio personality, television presenter and newspaper columnist Kuli Roberts is known for her fierce energy on and off the airwaves and screen and based on her Rome vacation pictures on Instagram, she’s certainly making it felt in the Eternal City. Taking in the city’s architecture, history, art and cuisine, Roberts is currently enjoying every moment and sharing snaps from some of the city’s most iconic, must-see sights. Inspired by her adventure, we bring you a round-up of things to see in Rome, from the Vatican City to the world-famous Pompi II Regno pastry shop.

Vatican City

Kuli Roberts Paints Rome Red

City Guide: Rome



Known as the Eternal City, Rome is Italy’s capital and at the centre of its history. With ancient ruins and buildings visible throughout the city, it’s highlighted as an international tourism hotspot.

Founded in around 753 BC, there are over 2 500 year’s worth of culture and attractions to explore in the city – all of which are well-deserving of a traveller’s time and euros.


Getting around Rome is relatively easy – travel by train and bus to major points and then walk your way through the rest. Walking is the only way for…
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