Stylish things to do in Italy

The buzzing city square in Trento, Italy. (iStock image).

The buzzing city square in Trento, Italy. Image courtesy iStock.

Italy is renowned for its history, food, fashion and passion! Here are some of our favourite hotspots.

We’re all for visiting famous cities like Rome with its ancient buildings, Florence and its Renaissance treasures, Venice – the “sinking city of canals”, and the fashion capital, Milan, but there are other hidden gems worth exploring too.

Trento was voted the best Italian town to live in, according to the Il Sole 24 Ore report in 2013, an Italian national daily newspaper. It’s famed for its Segonzano Pyramids, which reach up to 20m high and are estimated to date back 50 000 years. They’ve been studied extensively for their geological properties and their world-renowned beauty.

Another city worthy of a visit is Ravenna, a graceful town in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The seat of the Roman Empire in the 5th century and then of Byzantine Italy until the 8th century, it has a beautiful collection of Christian and Byzantine mosaics, and has made the Unesco World Heritage List.

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Carvela Luxe Leather Sneaker

If you decide to go to the city of Agrigento (on the southern coast of Sicily), visit the Valle dei Templi – a number of temples dedicated to the Greek gods. This area is known for its Greek culture and Italian art.

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Carvela Luxe Flat Pump

As they say, when in Rome… Italians dress stylishly but simply, so make sure you look the part. Basic black and white staple items with accents in the form of striking jewellery or lightweight scarves will do the trick, and also ensure you travel light.

Carvela Luxe is a range of equisitely handcrafted Italian footwear to cater for any journey – whether you are exploring ancent ruins in Rome and Florence, or shopping up a storm in Milan. Made of the finest materials and leathers, with the Carvela Luxe Flat Pump or Carvela Luxe Leather Sneaker, you’ll be seeing the sights in true style.

Tip: Avoid pointy heels – they’ll get stuck in the cobblestones!

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Carvela Luxe Gladiators


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