Stats SA reveals that tourists increased by 2,8% in January 2017

Tourism in South Africa increased by 2,8% in January 2017 compared to the same period in the previous year. This was the result of 3 815 402 travellers passing through the country’s ports of entry according to the latest report by Statistics SA on 27 March. The bulk of the tourists  (96,8%) were travelling on holiday while 1,9% were travelling on business.

Of these travellers, 995 727 were South African citizens while the remaining 2 819 676 travellers were foreigners with 1 559 295 of the foreign travellers were made up of 120 373 non-visitors and 1 438 922 visitors. 398 388 of the visitors arrived and departed on the same day whole 1 040 534 stayed overnight.

The report also revealed that there was a 14% increase of overseas tourists, raising the number from 214 903 in January 2016 to 245 074 tourists in total. The biggest contributor of the overseas tourist numbers was France, with the highest percentage share of 34,1%, which was a total of 15 725 travellers. Sweden came in as the second biggest contributor with 28,6% followed by China at 28,3%.

The numbers of tourists from the rest of Africa saw significant drops. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) saw a 0,2% drop, with neighbouring Botswana seeing the highest decrease of 8.7%. Further up the continent, the overall decrease stood at 4,3% to 14 402, of which, Côte d’Ivoire saw the highest decline by 15,7%. Nigeria then followed with an 11% drop.

In terms of modes of transportation, 73,6% of the tourists travelled by road, 26,1% by plane and 0,03 by sea.

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