South Africa’s Forests

About half a million hectares (ha) of South Africa’s landmass is covered by natural forests – an additional 39 million (ha) covered by savannah systems. Both these complex systems contribute to the conservation of South Africa’s biodiversity.

Be you a hiker, runner our nature-lover, Forestry South Africa has launched a new resource with information on South Africa’s forestry sector to give you a better appreciation of the role it plays in our ecosystem. Forestry Explained, launched on The United Nations International Day of Forests on 21 March 2017, provides ‘a beginner’s guide to forestry in South Africa’ for all ages. Informative content, from the basics of forestry and forest products, to water-use, to ownership and end-uses can be found on the portal.

Here is an infographic from Forestry Explained that provides a better appreciation of the role our forests play in our ecosystem when on your next hike:



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