Six tips for a stress-free group vacation

Travelling with a group of family or friends is always exciting, but may be as equally stressful. There are quite a few things to consider that if put in place can ensure a blissful vacation for the entire group. If you’re planning the next family getaway for the festive season, or a friend’s bachelorette, here are six things to tick off your list for a smooth and memorable holiday group vacation:

Plan an inclusive itinerary

Your first line of defence may be in accommodating all members of the group. A travel group made up of adults only may differ from that which includes children. This impacts on where you’ll be staying, getting around, places to eat and even group activities.

Make communicating easy

If your group is staying at a hotel, keeping communication lines open for impromptu dinners or changes in your scheduled activities is essential to maintaining harmony. Consider opening a chat group through your instant messaging service. Group chats also make it easier to make suggestions and share ideas.

Set time aside for individual time

As much as the whole idea may be to spend time with family or friends on the trip, some time alone is equally important to adequately recuperate or simply avoid any tensions boiling over. A holiday is essentially about relaxing, so some time alone wouldn’t hurt.

Assign roles to share responsibilities

From sharing babysitting roles in family groups to designating the responsibility of making restaurant reservations in a city you’re visiting for a few days may make the load easier for all involved.

Remain flexible

Things don’t always go as planned when you’re on holiday. Make room for compromises or changes in your itinerary due to travelling with people with different personalities, traits and interests.

Make use of group discounts

When doing your research on local activities, try to make the most of group discounts on activities such as tours so you’re able to do more with your budget. Plan your itinerary in such a way that people don’t partake in activities alone when doing so in a group could be more cost effective, and even fun.

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