Shop, shop… insure!

Image by iStock.

Image by iStock.

Been on a bit of a spending spree lately? Make sure you’ve updated your household contents with your insurance provider.

The winter sales have come and gone and you’re all stocked up on blankets, heaters, boots and coats for next year. Well done on shopping smartly and saving some bucks! But before you shove the warm woolies into your winter cupboard, have you added up the value? Has your shopping spree had an impact on your insurance?

Household insurance is there to cover your home contents (all items that belong to you and members of your household) that are stolen from, or damaged in your home or even in the garage, flatlet or shed. In the words of King Price Insurance: “If you were to turn your house upside down, everything that would fall out would be your ‘home contents’.”

And each time you add to these belongings, you need to update your insurance provider. Heaven forbid your brand new wardrobe never gets to see the first week of summer, or the dog damages those gadgets you bought on your latest holiday.

With King Price, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Complete your personal details online, quote the items and check out your premium! If you’re not sure on what cover you need for all your stuff, simply download the inventory form, which lists all those things that fill your home.

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