Seven ‘bucket list’ beach destinations

Boulders Beach in Cape Town. Image Darling Lama Productions.

Boulders Beach in Cape Town. Image Darling Lama Productions.

While they may not be the picture-postcard version of sand, sea and sunshine-type beaches, Sawubona has chosen seven notable beaches that definitely need space on your bucket list:

1.Boulders Beach – Cape Town, South Africa

Just a few minutes drive from the picturesque home of the South African navy – Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach offers its visitors the most unique opportunity to observe African penguins in their natural environment. This beach is ideal for a day of family fun (with a stopover for gelato in Simon’s Town if the weather’s warm), not only for sightings of these adorable creatures, but also for making sandcastles and dipping toes in warm ocean waters.

2.Reynisfjara Beach – Vik, Iceland

Not your typical idea of a day at the beach, this one has unique black sand and an infamous reputation – but the Reynisfjara Beach is undeniably unforgettable. Surrounded by impressive basalt columns and caves, this pebble beach is rich with history and is known for birdlife, including fulmars and puffins.


3.South Beach – Florida, USA

This trendy beach, also known as SoBe, is well-known for its associations with the rich and famous. Although you’re unlikely to ever be alone on this extensive span of beach, the warm water and pristine condition of the area make this hotspot well-worth sharing. Be sure to check out the Art Deco district after a day of sunbathing!

Miami beach

4.Diamandi Beach – Skiathos, Greece

Greece has to be one of the top island destinations for many ocean-loving travellers. While bustling tourism hubs like Santorini and Mykanos boast exceptional beaches, the island of Skiathos holds its own as a tourism hotspot with over 50 beaches and electrifying night life. Diamandi Beach is ideal for a day of relaxation alongside crystal-blue waters.


5.Brighton & Hove Beaches – East Sussex, England

Featuring undoubtably one of the most iconic beaches in the UK, Brighton is a vibrant seaside city in East Sussex. The Palace Pier Beach offers visitors the chance to take snaps of the renowned pier and ferris wheel and take a walk along the unique shingle beach. Hove Beach is just a short distance away and features vibrantly coloured beach huts – also great for selfies!

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Images courtesy of Pixabay

6.Waikiki Beaches – Oahu, Hawaii

For a more active seaside holiday, few destinations can trump Hawaii. Known for its ideal surfing conditions and tropical resorts (cue Blue Crush, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Lilo & Stitch), the island boasts lush vegetation and a rich cultural heritage. The Waikiki beaches comprise a number of stretches of beach and resorts, combining water sports with luxury and relaxation.


7.Thanda Island –  Tanzania

The beaches of Tanzania are widely regarded as Africa’s very own slice of paradise. Thanda Island offers a remote and exclusive getaway with a distinctly decadent atmosphere. Clear turquoise and white sandy beaches welcome visitors to this private luxury resort nestled in the Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve.

Image: Ingrid Wood

Image: Ingrid Wood

Did we mention the beaches of Thailand, the Seychelles, Kenya or Mauritius…? We’ll have to keep those for an additional beach bucket list!

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