SA’s most Instagrammable foodie delights!

Image courtesy of Crumbs and Cream

Image courtesy of Crumbs and Cream

It’s become almost obligatory for the social media fanatics among us to snap a pic of our meals for our followers before tucking in. Restaurants and eateries have lived up to the challenge by introducing innovative and attractive products that taste great, won’t break the bank and will have the likes rolling in.

From sweet treats to salads, everyone can add some colour to their feeds. Here are our picks for some of the most Instagrammable (and delicious) foodie items in South Africa:

The Grind Coffee Company’s coffee in a cone

Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Image courtesy of The Grind Coffee Company

Image courtesy of The Grind Coffee Company

You must have seen the tantalising contradiction of a hot espresso, served in a chocolatey cone making the rounds on social media by now? The Grind Coffee Company is currently the most Instagrammed coffee in the world – and with good reason! Get your coffee fix and be the envy of your followers with this stunning innovation.

Crumbs and Cream’s ice-cream sandwich

Seapoint and Waterfront, Cape Town

Image courtesy of Crumbs and Cream

Image courtesy of Crumbs and Cream

What could be better than a generous dollop of flavoursome ice-cream, meshed between two chewy cookies? Only how great this product will look on your social media accounts! Crumbs and Cream allows you to decorate your own ice-cream sandwich, which is perfect for those of us who try to stick to colour schemes. There are different flavours to choose from and their cookies are all freshly baked, ensuring the taste matches the tempting look of these items. Contact them at: +27 (0) 814579553.

Afro’s Chicken Shop’s sarmies

Various locations, Durban

Image courtesy of Afro's Chicken Shop

Image courtesy of Afro’s Chicken Shop

Savoury has never looked this good! Simplicity is key at Afro’s and the presentation works great for Instagram (check out Afro’s own account here). With a focus on classic South African favourites, this eatery serves food too good not to share. The prices are great too! You’ll find the stores in various locations around Durban. Contact Afro’s at:

Paul’s Homemade Ice-Cream’s ice-cream

Various locations, Johannesburg

Image courtesy of Paul's Homemade Icecream

Image courtesy of Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

This is no regular soft-serve! Paul’s Homemade is gourmet ice-cream which is created as a piece of art. As a result, the products are served with a sense of pride that effortlessly translates into a visual representation. Leave your followers with their mouths watering as you share snaps of your favourite flavour – they serve everything from cookies and cream to birthday cake.

Remo’s Villaggio’s breakfasts

Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

Image courtesy of Remo's Villaggio

Image courtesy of Remo’s Villaggio

Although everything on the Remo’s menu goes down a treat, the breakfasts stand out as some of the tastiest and most Instagrammable in Durban. Whether you’re a fan of savoury or sweet (the bakery is amazing), your tastes will be met at Remo’s. From eggs benedict to polenta porridge and the original breakfast sandwich – The Rolfe (pictured above) – you’ll have plenty of options to fill your feed with.

XO Patisserie’s cronuts

Melville, Johannesburg

Image courtesy of XO Patisserie

Image courtesy of XO Patisserie

These cream-filled croissant/doughnut combos translate their tastiness right onto your Instagram feed. The tempting pastries are topped with a contemporary flavour, making them an absolute must-try! For an added dose of indulgence, try XO Patisserie’s decadent cronut milkshakes. Place your order at:

Pop-Up Society’s milkshakes

Glenwood, Durban

Image courtesy of Pop Up Society

Image courtesy of Pop Up Society

Research shows that Pop-Up Society’s milkshakes are currently the most Instagrammed milkshakes in South Africa – and we’re not surprised! With an ever-expanding gourmet milkshake menu, this restaurant has become a popular spot for Durban’s foodies and visitors alike. It stands out for its alcohol-infused milkshakes, such as the Strawberry Lips one pictured, and the epic toppings, decorations and presentation.

Do you have a favourite we didn’t list? We’d love to check them out! Leave us a comment or tag us on your social media photos.

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