SA’s first illustration & animation gallery

In Cape Town’s quaint Observatory suburb, a gallery – the very first of its kind in South Africa – is dedicated to celebrating the world of non-fine art creations. Illustrations and animations have finally found a home at Ahem! Art Collective on 77 Lower Main Road.

Launched in April by Thea de Klerk, after she was introduced to the idea through The Illustration Cupboard in London, the gallery now offers an alternative to local and international illustrators and animators showcasing their art online.

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“Alas! The art world of Cape Town has no such thing, which makes it very difficult to display ‘non-fine art’ work and forces illustrators to take the online route,” the Facebook page shares.

Speaking to Lonely Planet, De Klerk explained that the space also fosters a culture of creation: “Anyone who loves cartoons and children’s books will especially find themselves at home among the freelancers who wander in to doodle and work on projects when they don’t feel like being lonely at home.”

The gallery also serves food and drinks inspired by the love of art. Patrons can explore new works by artists and workshops held at the establishment for the young and old.

Image: Facebook/@AhemArtCollective

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