Samsung continues to innovate & move forward with the business traveller

With a legacy of innovation and competitive offerings that push the envelope in the home and in business, Samsung promised to do so at the Samsung Africa Forum held in Cape Town on 24 February, under the theme ‘One Pride’.

Delegates from across the continent were guided through it’s latest technologies, the brand’s commitment to the continent and contributing to socio-economic prosperity across the continent while sustaining the environment in 2017. This comes at the heels of their development initiatives in 2016 that saw the opening of a Solar Powered Internet School in Uganda, the establishment of Smart Schools for learners and teachers in Ghana and Nigeria and honouring the first graduates from their Women Engineering Programme in 2016. Through the Samsung Engineering Academy initiative, ‘skills-for-employability’ efforts were imparted in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

“This is why we deem initiatives like the Samsung Engineering Academy and Women Technical Programme vital in strengthening the local workforce in emerging economies, which in turn leads to innovation and economic growth and encourages foreign investment,” states Yoo Young Kim, President and CEO, Samsung Electronics Africa, Regional Headquarters.

We had the opportunity to speak to Michelle Potgeiter, Director: Brand and Product Marketing and Communications, around technological trends across the continent and the globe for both the business and leisure traveler.

Michelle Potgeiter, Director: Brand and Product Marketing and Communications

On trends for the business traveller:

“The internet of things and connectivity of all the devices today is really unique. What makes our devices really special is the Samsung Knox security platform on our devices. And what I mean by it is that on the Samsung devices, there is a clear firewall between personal life and business life and I think that gives some peace of mind to businesses because they don’t want work mails for example to be compromised because essentially, one device is used,” she explained.

Security when doing business across the continent and the globe is carefully considered:

“We also know that in Africa there is a big trend of two sim cards within a handset, not so much in South Africa, but in the rest of Africa, it is important. With the technology and software that we offer with the Knox platform which has really good security, people and organisations value that. Now they can rest assured that they’re data is protected. Companies can be assured that there is no cross-security breach,” Potgieter added.

Samsung devices designed to make the traveller experience easier:

“Its so easy to download your photo from your handset to your tablet for example. We don’t have a situation where you’d first have to upload it like our other competitors and then download it. Its seamless integration between all our products and I think thats what differentiates us from others. And then obviously long battery power.”

The forum ultimately put on display products that not only speak to global innovation but to the unique needs of the African market, from their new QLED TV technology that enhances colour like never before, to airless cooling systems that can be seamlessly operated remotely. “Samsung’s goal is to inspire the world and create the future with innovative technology and creativity, thanks to a deep understanding of what people really need and want,” says Potgieter.

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