SAA moves to correct inaccurate reporting

South African Airways (SAA) has procured an urgent court interdict against BDFM, Moneyweb and Media24 to stop their illegal and inaccurate publication of a privileged internal document of a confidential nature.

South African law is trite on the nature and scope of legal privilege in South Africa and the court agreed with SAA’s arguments in this regard. SAA has been advised by its legal advisors to refrain from making any further public statements in relation to the privileged document and it intends to abide by this legal advice. Media is requested to respect SAA’s decision.

SAA would like to confirm that its corporate and/or financial status as presented to the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance and Public Enterprises on 18 November 2015 has not changed. SAA stands by its presentation to Parliament, the contents of which have been widely publicised in South African media over the past few days. SAA refutes and dismisses any reports that purport to portray a picture that is inconsistent with what was presented to Parliament as aforesaid.

SAA will not comment any further on the Airbus swap transaction pending the response of National Treasury to SAA’s application. Any queries in this regard should be addressed to the National Treasury.

We will continue with our ongoing engagement of various corporate stakeholders to clarify any issues that may emanate from the recent inaccurate reporting referred to herein above.

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