More roadblocks to Zimbabwe over Festive Season: 6 ways to avoid fines

With the festive season looming, Zimbabwe Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombe has said that more roadblocks will be set up to “weed out all unroadworthy vehicles”, according to the Daily News.

“We will increase the road blocks during the festive season to ensure that we weed out all vehicles which are not roadworthy, all unlicensed drivers and overloaded vehicles,” Chombo said.

This will affect holiday and day-in-day-out travellers to and from Zimbabwe.

Travellers have complained about fines that change frequently for various offences. Here are six ways to ensure you have a safe and smooth journey to and from Zimbabwe:

Follow all traffic rules:

Keep to speed limits on the road and do not overtake on a double line. Speed limits drop at the Goromonzi turn-off just east of Harere, from 80 to 40km/h. There have also been claims of fines for overloading, imposed on travellers who’ve stored luggage in the backseat, so ensure it’s all packed in the boot.

Get a recent copy of road traffic regulations:

While bona-fide tourists driving non-Zimbabwean registered cars are meant to be exempted from some of the requirements, they may still find themselves fined. Download a recent copy of the road traffic regulations which include:

  • Honeycomb tape along the back of your vehicle
  • Reflective red tape on both sides of your warning triangles
  • The position of weight notifications on the side of your double-cab

Fit a dash-cam:

A dash-cam – as opposed to recording traffic police with a smartphone – will assist you in cases where you are said to have run an amber light, for example.

Plan your driving times:

Most Zimbabweans prefer to travel in the evening, should you do the same, keep in mind that most rural roads do not have street lights, so keep a look out for stray cattle. There are claims that the new fencing that the Sunday Mail last week reported was put up to keep cattle off the road is being removed in some sections by villagers.

Be courteous:

Should you be stopped by traffic police, remain calm and courteous at all times.

Pay for fines with the new bond notes:

Police are said to be planning to use POS systems on roadblocks so travellers can pay for their fines. These may not be ready at the height of the peak season however. Should you accumulate any bond notes while in Zimbabwe and receive fines at the roadblocks, it may be a good idea to use them to settle the fines.

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