Review: African Pride Irene Country Lodge

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg to unwind is a necessity, not a luxury, and the African Pride Irene Country Lodge offers the perfect venue for much-needed relaxation.

While I enjoy the buzz of Johannesburg, sometimes one just needs a moment of peace. And there is no better way than to do this than switching off your phone and getting out of the city.

The Irene Country Lodge is perfect for a relaxed, peaceful and romantic weekend getaway. Only 30 minutes from Sandton, it has much to offer to a variety of guests.

Looking to spend quality time with your family? The lodge, which boasts over 70 rooms, has amazing family suites. It is  also a popular venue for weddings and is a favourite of couples, who relish its amazing food, beautiful and spacious rooms and stunning gardens.

If you want to spend the day just chilling in your room, the deluxe rooms are a delight. The rooms also offer a stunning view of the lakeside.

The place is so romantic that even the most traditional of men would be tempted to propose. There is so much that I love about the place, but what I cherished most was forgetting that I was actually still in Gauteng.

The food is mouth-watering. I got to indulge in the restaurant’s buffet menu, which is inspired by different flavours from around the world. Everything was scrumptious!

By the time you leave the dining area, you’ll feel like you’ve gained a few kilos. I also enjoyed that there are chefs stationed at every point of the buffet, who can explain the different dishes to you.

The friendly staff also deserve kudos for being consistent when it comes to service. The overall experience at the lodge was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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