RECAPTURE: Jabulani Dhlamini

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Recapture, the latest exhibition by artist Jabulani Dhlamini opens today at The Goodman Gallery in Cape Town.

Dhlamini uses photography to question and contemplate South Africa’s turbulent past and the effect of violence and trauma on the consciousness of people living in Sharpeville in post-partheid South Africa.
Jabulani Dhlamini

Holding Cells. Image by Jabulani Dhlamini

Dhlamini was born in 1983 and grew up during the height of the anti-apartheid struggle and was greatly influenced by struggle leaders Chris Hani, Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe, with whom he felt a significant familial bond as their ideas and philosophies permeated his consciousness and that of his community.
In creating this body of work he felt the desire to engage with the people and the town of Sharpeville, a place with a significant place in the annals of South African history. [The Sharpeville Massacre took place in March 1960].
Jabulani Dhlamini

Sunset shops, Vuka. Sharpeville. Image by Jabulani Dhlamini.

He says, “I needed to visit the actual location, to place myself in that landscape. I needed to see, and not imagine, the wall they hid behind, the street where the first shots were fired.”
As part of his research, Dhlamini interviewed members of the community, and found how victims created makeshift memorials to commemorate the death of their loved ones. Personal objects of remembrance shed light on the individual processes of mourning, and his photographs give thoughtful insight into the human experience.
The exhibition is on at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town from Thursday, 10 March to Wednesday, 6 April 2016. Contact: +27 (0)21 462 7573.
Jabulani Dlamini - Smart Object

Dhlomo, PUtswastena, Sharpeville. 2015. Image by Jabulani Dhlamini.

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