Reasons to visit the country voted the world’s most beautiful

The UK’s northernmost country, Scotland, has been voted as the most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guide readers from around the globe. Scotland made it to the top of the list, beating Canada into a close second. New Zealand came in at third place.

From rolling green hills to picturesque mountain highs and dips, a gripping history and a thriving  heritage in many spheres of life, the beauty of Scotland is multi-faceted and unmatched.

Here are four reasons to visit Scotland:

Historical richness 

This year has seen Scotland celebrate its Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. The country offers a great number and variety of historical sites worth seeing, from great castles such as the famous Edinburgh Castle that sits atop an extinct volcano, to it’s six Unesco World Heritage sites, such as St Kilda and the Antonine Wall.

New cultural attractions

The Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries was launched in May within the town’s Heritage Quarter. Here, locals and travellers can explore the region’s history at a reading room, a museum and art galleries.

Beautiful natural heritage

From the awe-inspiring Fingal’s Cave, situated on Staffa island, to witnessing the Northern Lights, Scotland has an abundance of natural beauty.

Scrumptious Scottish cuisine

If you fancy a hearty plate of  haggis, a savoury dish made of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, with a side of needs – a root vegetable that’s described as a cross between a cabbage and a turnip – and tatties (good ol’ potatoes), followed by a generous serving of marmalade pudding, then look no further than Scotland. Traditional Scottish cuisine celebrates local game, fish, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

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