With long-haul flights that can be over 10 hours long in duration, it’s wise to prepare not only for the destination, but the journey there. It’s a matter of packing a few things to make your flight that much more comfortable and wearing clothing that will make you feel your best and ready to make the most of your holiday or business trip as soon as you touch down.

Here are a few tips to make your long-haul flight a great start to your journey:

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Sweatpants and tracksuits are the best travel gear. It’s important to wear loose clothing that won’t restrict your blood circulation, given the fact that you’ll be sitting for hours on end with limited room to move around. Also ensure that these are warm, as on-board temperatures tend to be cooler. If your clothing is breathable, even better.

Invest in a comfy neck pillow

There’s good reason you’ll spot a number of travellers at the airport with a crescent-shaped pillow. Hint: it’s not a badge of frequent-traveller honour. You may need to catch some shut-eye on your long-haul flight, and your neck will need some support as you’ll likely be sleeping while sitting upright. There is a wide variety on the market, with some made with memory foam or more luxurious fabrics for added comfort.

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Pack meds just in case

You may find yourself suffering from blocked sinuses or a headache due to the drop in cabin pressure or a sudden allergic reaction in the confined space. It’s best to pack some medication for minor irritations.

Keep germs at bay with a hand sanitiser

Once again, you’ll be in a confined and shared space with your fellow passengers and you’re bound to touch multiple surfaces in the airport and cabin without easy access to water and soap. Carry an easy-to-use hand sanitiser to keep germs you may pick up along the way at bay.

Pack your water bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated at all times, and the water bottles provided may not always be enough, so carry a durable one with you.

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