Popular world destinations & the best time to see them

We all have travel bucket lists of places in the world we’d like to explore. You may have been inspired by a TV show, fallen in love with them after reading a novel or are simply intrigued by the name. To make your dream holiday come true, and for the best experience, a good place to start is to find out what time of the year is the best time to go.

Here are some of the best times to visit a few of the most popular destinations in the world and why.

New York, America

If you’re on a modest budget, the best time to visit New York City would be in the low season, January to March, when you’re more likely to get reduced rates at hotels. If you’re into the arts, tickets to see Broadway shows are also cheaper – and if you want a head start on style trends, New York Fashion Week takes place during this time. The streets of New York come alive in the summer months of June to August, with tons of free activities and festivals such as the Pride Parade. Christmas in the city is also special, with lights and large Christmas trees adorning the streets as snow falls. The holiday season is celebrated from November to December.

Paris, France

The city of romance is best visited in summer, from June to August. It is, however, pricier – and hot. For quieter walks in the street, the winter months, December to February, are more suitable. Christmas in Paris is magical, with markets and glorious food on offer. Even though it’s an expensive period, it worth experiencing events such as La Fête de Saint- Sylvestre, which is dinner on New Year’s Eve.


The colours, the flavours, the textures and the architecture of Morocco make it a must-see. There are also other activities throughout the year that are lesser known. Spring, between March and May, offers the perfect weather for mountain hiking. Hikers need be careful though, as there can be flash floods.


This tropical paradise is where beach, sun and sand are the order of the day. Its high season falls between the months of November to February, with clear skies and warm temperatures throughout most of the regions. But this means there are more travellers. The most suitable time to go depends on which side of the country you’ll be travelling to, so it’s best to check which time suits which island region. Bangkok, however, remains humid throughout the year, with its dry window falling between December and January.


The beaches of Brazil are perfect from December to March, with sunny weather that’s just right. In February, the liveliness of Rio is turned up to a new level with the world-famous Carnival, which both local and international visitors from far and wide attend. New Year’s in Brazil is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, with drumming shows until the sun rises across Copacabana Beach to live music performances with international acts in the cities.

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