The Palazzo’s Deon Prinsloo talks Joburg



We chatted to the Palazzo‘s Head Concierge/Guest Relations Manager, Deon Prinsloo, about an average day at the Tsogo Sun hotel and what makes Joburg stand out.

What does being the Head Concierge at a travel hub like the Palazzo entail?

No two days are ever the same! The challenges, expectations and demands from well-heeled travellers from all over the world are different and change all the time. Guests often include some leisure time while here on business and they want to experience the best of Jozi in the shortest time. I think these ever-changing demands are the reason I really enjoy being Head Concierge for the Palazzo.

In today’s Internet-savvy world, many people choose to take control of their vacation plans. We’ve heard the less-than-enthusiastic reviews of self-planned travel: undisclosed travel times, the luxury hotel suite that was anything but luxurious and the lacklustre tour guide. While some travellers like the risk and “adventure” of do-it-yourself planning, discriminating individuals who demand experiential, unique, and soul-satisfying travel like the peace of mind I can give them.

I like to be your travel advocate. I should be accountable for the time and money you are investing in your vacation. I would like to ensure your next holiday is an unforgettable experience.

What makes the Palazzo stand out as popular choice for the discerning traveller?

The Palazzo is arguably the most beautiful hotel in Joburg, nestled in lush, well-manicured gardens on a secure property, where guests can enjoy the large, inviting swimming pool and hospitality from our staff, who continually strive to please our guests.

How have guest expectations changed in recent years and how does the Palazzo meet them?

The biggest change in guest behaviour is towards the “short and power packed” revival holiday escapes. People do not have time to be away from their routines for too long. They indulge in guilty pleasures and relaxation fantasies for a few days at a time. Busy parents also try to dedicate as much time to their kids as possible on these getaways, even if only for a short time.

What’s your favourite part of living in Joburg and why should travellers flock to this city?

Joburg and the surrounding areas have so much to offer. I enjoy being able to go for a morning treatment at SOHO in Sandton City, indulging in the latest technology in nail-care, followed by a horseback safari in the afternoon and a sunset trip on the Hartebeespoortdam Cableway – and I can still be back in Jozi in time to see an international artist live on stage!

What would you suggest to a guest looking to get the most out of their stay at The Palazzo?

It is highly recommended for guests to make contact with me prior to their arrival so that I can start planning an itinerary for them according to their budget, time here and choice of activities and experiences.

What top three things do you love about South Africa?

I have lived  in two other countries, but what brought me home every time are the weather, the food and the breathtakingly beautiful nature!

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