The Pajero Legend II turns every day into an adventure


Mitsubishi SA launches Pajero Legend II. Image from

Mitsubishi is well known for producing some of the best SUVs that give city-dwelling 4×4 enthusiasts an opportunity to embrace their wild side. Mitsubishi prides itself in producing bush-ready vehicles that also cater for the urban lifestyle. The manufacturer believes that the much-loved Pajero Legend II, a limited special-edition model, offers the right combination for the South African motorist who wants the best of both worlds.

The suits at Mitsubishi have opted to highlight the vehicle’s simplicity, reliability and ride comfort as some of its best qualities. They say the 4×4 short wheelbase is a firm favourite among both sexes, achieving a 50-50 gender split. To show how much they value their customers, they throw in free 4×4 training for buyers of the Legend II to empower them to take full advantage the vehicle when they venture off the beaten track.

Recently we had an opportunity to get behind the wheel to explore nature on a 4×4 track, a short distance from Pretoria’s urban jungle. Thanks to the vehicle’s technology, you don’t have to be a veteran 4×4 enthusiast to enjoy the ride. Even as a novice you can tackle some of the most hair-raising courses as long as you trust the vehicle and listen to your instructor. The Legend II has been simplified for everyone and it takes just a flick of a button to change modes and navigate challenging courses with the same confidence you’d tackle the highways and by-ways. It’s nippy, offers a comfortable ride thanks to independent rear suspension and is easy to maneouver. It’s also unpretentious, and while not intimidating, it does warn fellow motorists to take you seriously. To further sweeten the deal for the loyal Pajero consumer, Mitsubishi is throwing in additional extras that are heavily subsidised by the company. What’s not to like?

Here are some impressive 4×4 tracks where you can push yourself and your vehicle to the limits while also enjoying nature.

De Wildt 4×4 Game Park

Located in the Magaliesburg area, an hour from both Johannesburg and Pretoria this 14km 4×4 trail can be enjoyed by novices and veterans alike. You get an opportunity to enjoy what your SUV offers in a tranquil environment as well as the chance to spot some wildlife in this game park. The track is really challenging, made up of gorges and cliff-hangers that sends chills down one’s spine. The track can be enjoyed for up to three hours and if you’d like to stay over, accommodation is available. 

Bass Lake Adventures

This is a multi-purpose adventure estate located on Henley on Klip, an hour’s drive from Jo’burg. Tranquility and the ability to be one with nature are some of the highlights of this 75-hectare estate. The 4×4 trails are treacherous and need careful concentration. Once you get into it, you’ll have so much fun and the day will go by far too quickly. For extreme adventurers, the lake on the property is used as a scuba diving training centre and boasts a deepest point of 23m. Comfortable, rustic accommodation is also available.

To locate other 4×4 tracks throughout South Africa, visit:

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