Travel is about pushing boundaries, so why not go somewhere a little different? Here’s our list of weird and wonderful places/experiences from around the world.

POLAR EXPEDITIONS IN ANTARCTICA: If you think Antarctica isn’t accessible as a tourist destination, then you need to sign up for National Geographic’s tours of the planet’s remotest continent. Nowhere else on earth will you be surrounded by so much unspoilt natural beauty, walking along penguin-inhabited beaches or kayaking alongside a wonderland of marine life.

MAKE LIKE A GYPSY IN WALES: How about a snug gypsy caravan in Wales? This restored 1940s Romany wagon or “Vardo” has an enchanting interior of dark wood, as well as the lightest goose-down duvets and duck feather pillows. You can enjoy the view of the Black Mountains, with their wealth of wildflowers and lush meadows – and if that’s not enough, look for a stallion to move your horse-drawn caravan to a different spot.

DIVE OFF A DAKOTA in TURKEY:  The Dive Advisor experts reckon Turkey has some of the best diving in the world. With ancient shipwrecks and incredible caves and reefs, Turkey is a unique diving destination. For something totally different, you might want to experience diving off a a sunken Dakota DC3 into the sea waters just off the southern coastline of the country.

Freediver at plane wreck of a DC-3 Dakota, Mediterranean Sea, Kas, Kas, Turkey

Freediver at plane wreck of a DC-3 Dakota off the coast of Kas, Turkey

VISIT TUNISIA’s EL JEM AMPITHEATRE: A Unesco World Heritage Site, this incredible ampitheatre houses the most significant Roman remains on the African continent. The ampitheatre can house up to 35 000 spectators and in its day was where gladiator battles took place – the ruins date back to 238. Another option for something completely different when visiting Tunisia is the annual International Festival of the Sahara that takes place in November and is a celebration of desert life.

Arena of el Djem - the biggest amphiteater in Africa, Tunisia

Arena of El Djem – the biggest amphiteatre in Africa, Tunisia. Image courtesy iStock.

MOSCOW’s UPSIDE-DOWN EXHIBITION CENTRE: The All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Moscow will have your tummy swirling long before you enter through the front door. That’s because it was built to look upside down. If you’re interested in a truly unique party venue, enquire about the cost of renting it for an evening: after all, consider the fun you and your guests could have with upside-down fridge contents and curtains “hanging” from the floor upwards! You can also dream up amazing poses for a selfie or two. The only thing you can’t do here is tell someone to put the toilet seat down.

UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTRE IN ALABAMA:  Ever wondered what happens to all the lost and unclaimed baggage from aircraft flights? The proceedings at the Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Alabama, USA, are a true spectacle. The luggage is sold at thrift shop prices and there are some rare bargains. This is the perfect place to stockpile for birthdays and anniversaries.

South Africa, too, has a few decidedly weird and wonderful places to visit, including a bar inside an ancient baobab tree in Limpopo, a trailer park with a difference in Elgin, Western Cape, a giant pineapple and an Owl House in the Eastern Cape and a jail in Philippolis, Free State, where you can spend the night.

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