New-age “Poshtels”

Gen Copenhagen - Corridor - Nikolas Koenig

“Poshtels” are the hottest new hospitality trend (see our article on Top 3 Global Travel Trends) and the Generator brand is leading the pack when it comes to “design-led” hostels aimed at the trendy traveller who wants a touch of style as part of their value-for-money travel experience. While the hostels need to be affordable, Generator has completely moved away from “cheap and nasty” with offerings in nine European cities.

Design-direction generally comes from the immediate surroundings with art and local culture playing a starring role. There are Generator hostels in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Venice, Paris and Rome, with a new one opening in Amsterdam in 2016.

Gen Berlin Mitte - twin room - Marc Winkel-Blackmore

Twin room at Generator Berlin Mitte. Image by Marc Winkel-Blackmore.

Gen Copenhagen - Reception - Nikolas Koenig

Reception area at Generator Copenhagen. Image by Nikolas Koenig.

Gen Dublin - Cafe area - Nerissa Sparkman

Cafe area, Generator Dublin. Image by Nerissa Sparkman.

Gen Hamburg - Bar - Nikolas Koenig

The bar at Generator Hamburg. Image by Nikolas Koenig

Gen London - Seating Area - Nikolas Koenig.

Seating area, Generator London. Image by Nikolas Koenig

Gen London - Shared Room 3

Shared Room 3, Generator London.

Gen Paris - Female shared room - Sinue Serra

Generator Paris – Female Shared Room. Image by Sinue Serra.

Gen Venice - Seating Area - Nikolas Koenig

Lounge area at Generator Venice. Image by Nikolas Koenig.

Generator Paris - Metro Bar 2 - Nikolas Koenig

Metro Bar at Generator Paris. Image by Nikolas Koenig.

Le Rooftop, Generator Paris - Valentine Tchoukhonine - July 2015

Rooftop, Generator Paris. Image by Valentine Tchoukhonine.

Gen Berlin Mitte - Exhibition Space - Nikolas Koenig

Exhibition Space at Generator Berlin Mitte. Image by Nikolas Koenig. All images courtesy Generator Hostels.

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