Nature’s best: A visual celebration

Walking Leopard Youth Award U13 - resized

Walking Leopard by Skye Meaker.

A mother lion carrying her cub by the scruff of its neck, elephant silhouettes from the sky, the sleek image of a leopard on the prowl, the bright colours of the Himba traditional dress… if you love nature and all things African, then pay a visit to Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town to view the winners of the Nature’s Best Photography (NBP) Africa competition.

The display comprises 70 photographs that the capture the magic of the continent. Photographers from all over the globe were invited to enter the competition, which was organised by NBP Africa, in partnership with Nikon South Africa, NBP USA and Iziko Museums of South Africa.

The Karo_African Culture copy resized

The Karo by Marius Coetzee.

Hamish Robertson, Director of Natural History, Iziko Museums of South Africa, says: “The preservation of our natural resources is not an activity we can or should leave for future generations. Museums have an important role in educating, creating awareness and providing solutions-based platforms of public engagement. It is acutely apt, on the eve of its 190th year of existence, to host this phenomenal photographic exhibition at the oldest Natural History Museum in Southern Africa.”

Lone Gemsbok by Ken Dyball.

After showing at Cape Town’s Iziko South African Museum, the winning photographs from NBP Africa will be showcased as part of the African category in the Natures Best Photography USA exhibition, hosted annually at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

“Our core objectives are to encourage photographic excellence among existing photographers, to attract new audiences to photography, to foster an appreciation for and conservation of our natural resources and to promote the continent of Africa to a massive global audience”, says Craig Mark, Director of NBPAfrica.

HereroWomen_Culture copy resized

Herero Women by Heinrich van der Berg.

The winning categories include: African Landscapes, African Culture, Wild Cats of Africa, Birds of Africa, Mammals of Africa, Reptiles of Africa, Africa Underwater, Africa Up Close, Africa Wildlife Story, Youth Award (Under-13 Years), Youth Award (13-18 years). There was also a section for videos along the same themes. The exhibition is on until 12 September 2015, so don’t miss it.

To find out more or to order the catalogue, email:

Giraffe_Crossing_Mammals_of_Africa copy resized

Giraffe Crossing. Image by Robert Ross. All images courtesy Nature’s Best Photography (NBP) Africa.

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