Founder of Feel Good Series, mum, entrepreneur and creative director and owner of Mamakashaka Nandi Dlepu chats to us about her abiding love for African style.

How can social media be used in a way that makes good business sense?
If you’re posting with a business objective in mind, then having a social media strategy will help you communicate what you want. I use IG (@mamakashaka) to share my travels, interests and passions, trying to inspire others to to be proudly African.

What’s your favourite African destination?
I love Ghana so much that I’ve given myself a Ghanian name, Akua, which means “born on a Wednesday”. The people are great and the country has an amazing energy. I also love the food and the music.

What’s the best nightlife spot you’ve been to?
I love events more than I love clubs. I enjoy curated experiences. This past New Year’s Day, I was in Accra and went to an event called The Experience (IG @thexperiencegh), with some of the city’s hottest DJs playing a combination of local hits and hip-hop. There were beautiful people of all shades dancing from sunset to sunrise. Ghana’s coastal cities have their own unique vibe and dress code. To a city girl, that’s very exotic!

What myth about African travel would you like to dispel?
The assumption that travelling to New York, South America, Paris and other foreign places should be done before exploring our own continent. Africa’s just as relevant, inspiring, fun, exotic and beautiful as anywhere else, and is rich in history and culture. It’s also affordable. You can fly to two African countries for the price of single direct flight to New York.

How do you improve your travelling experiences?
I ensure I have a local contact. Social media has allowed us to make connections all over the world. Reaching out to communities and followers has been very helpful to me in places where I didn’t know many people. I also try to live with a local, when possible, and to plan my travels around an event, because that means I can meet like-minded people at an early stage of the trip.

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