Namibia’s people through the eyes of Trevor Stuurman

The Himba people in Northern Namibia number about 50 000 and are considered one of the last semi-nomadic people, according to Wikipedia. The Himba are easy to spot, with beautiful red skins and plaited hair meant to symbolise blood, the essence of life, and consistent with the Himba ideal of beauty. This beautiful colour comes from an otjize paste, a mix of butter fat and ochre, which is rubbed over the skin to protect from the hot Namibian sun and mosquito bites. It is also rubbed into the hair to create distinct otjize textured dreadlocks. This weekend, however, Instagram blocked one of Trevor’s images, saying that it went against community guidelines for nudity. The image was of a bare-breasted Himba woman. The 23-year-old photographer is in the process of appealing the blocking. See his picture series below and follow Trevor on @trevor_stuurman

Her Crown, Rich as The Earth. #StuurmanStyleDiary #LoveNamibia #Himba A photo posted by Trevor (@trevor_stuurman) on

A photo posted by Trevor (@trevor_stuurman) on

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