Middle East & African Countries banned by Trump

US President Donald Trump is due to sign off executive orders that will ban travellers from the Mideast and Africa intending on travelling to the United States to seek refuge, deeming them a terror risk. This is said to be in conjunction with the planned suspension of the US refugee programme.

This has raised obvious concerns for families and friends across the three continents, with those at home not being able to visit or join those in the US, while those already in the US may not be able to re-enter the country should they leave.

Amongst the list of countries affected is Iran, Iraq, Libya,Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. The refugee suspension would see the number of refugees allowed in the 2017 fiscal year to enter the country reduced to 50,000 down from the 110,000 set by President Barack Obama’s administration.

Media reports state that until more stringent vetting processes were implemented, this would exclude religious minorities escaping persecution. This is amidst continues talks from Trump that a wall between America and Mexico will indeed be built and insists Mexico will reimburse the US for it. President Enrique Pena Nieto has however strongly stated that Mexico will not pay for the border wall.

Legal experts have raised that legal challenges can be launched by the countries subject to the ban if they are nations predominately made up of Muslim community – as the ban would be discriminatory and infringe on the constitution as it would target a group of people of a particular religion.

Social media comments made around the ban have been a combination of strong criticism and those in support of Trumps stance:

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