Mend: The travel app for broken hearts

Former Google employee Ellen Huerta discovered a blaring gap in online resources available to cope with a heartbreak; and so she created her own to share with fellow broken hearts around the world.

This led to the birth of Mend in April, a platform that provides daily emotional support and scientifically founded and community generated advice for people journeying through grief. The app also provides recommendations on where to go to ease the pain in the form of city guides.

“When you’re heartbroken and trying to move on, it can be difficult to be in the same physical place — everything is conceivably the same, and yet everything feels fundamentally different. I think that’s why we crave a change of scenery after a breakup,” said Huerta, according to Forbes.

The app, which is now available in 190 countries through the Apple App Store, allows users to listen to daily audio training, track one’s progress to healing and access its blog.

The Mend City Guides cover retreats and international destinations perfect to visit when mending a broken heart, with the app’s Laura Yates stating that a trip “can help show you a new perspective, meet new people from all different walks of life, experience new cultures and create incredible memories for yourself”.

Huerta has received mentorship from actor Jessica Alba on “branding, hiring and product”, reported Forbes.

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