Master investor Marcus Broodryk on his book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs

Aptly described as a “self-made millionaire, investor, and all-round good guy”, Marnus Broodryk now adds the title of author to his impressive repertoire with the much-anticipated launch of his book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs, a self-published “guide to being an entrepreneur, a millionaire and of course, happy!”

The Shark Tank investor describes the book as “the codex of hustle. A book of the lessons that I wish someone had shared with me earlier. Lessons that will help you push harder, keep leaner and leapfrog the successes of ‘those successful guys’”. The book seeks to answer pertinent questions that define the potential success of a business and the individual running it, with real insights drawn from Broodryk and fellow entrepreneurs who have gone through the proverbial business trenches, such as Ryk Neethling, Vinny Lingham, John Sanei and Gil Oved. The book, officially launched on the 1 November, is available at CNA stores, and as an e-book on Amazon.

Broodryk spoke to us about what lead to the realisation of the book, the importance of mentorship and thoughts on travel.

When did you decide that the book is something you wanted to pursue?
Well, coming out of Shark Tank, I received all these messages from aspiring entrepreneurs and everyone was asking questions. But what I soon realised was that 90% of the questions were all the same. And then I thought I can’t get to all these messages, let’s just write a book where we answer all these questions and it ended up being 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs. So there are 90 questions being answered and also some little tips and guidelines of how to build a business. So that’s the inspiration behind it.

How important is mentorship to you as is suggested with the book?
It definitely is, but I think when we talk about mentorship we think we now need to find or stalk this successful person and let them give their time to us so that they can help us, but I think in the age that we’re living in there’s so much content that successful entrepreneurs are sharing whether its through books or online interviews and magazines. So I think we need to move away from “I need to find a mentor that can sit with me once a month” and we can just consume all this information that is available.

What is at least one thing you’d like for people to take out out the book?
I think that what you think will become your reality, and that’s why its important to spend time with a mentor or to read books to change your thinking, and by changing your thinking, you’re change your reality. I think that’s the bigger message throughout the book and everything I do.

Have you travelled or done business on the continent?
Yes, working extensively in other African countries, especially in Zambia and some of the neighbouring countries. I always fly SAA. It’s insane how much travelling is actually going on, which proves that business is no longer in just one location.

How does travelling influence your perspective both professionally and personally?
Two things; one is I love travelling abroad because it feels like you’re zooming out because we get so inundated in our daily lives. I love the phrase “zoom out”, because it just allows you to see the bigger picture. I love travelling. Also, I just think getting disconnected on a plane when you’ve got two, four or six hours to think – when last did you have four hours just to just sit and think and listing to audio books, and that definitely adds to my professional life.

Apart from the book, are there any other ventures you’re working on that you’d like to share?
The book is obviously the big one, but then professionally, my business was acquired by Transaction Capital, a JSE-listed company, and we’re on the mission to help small business-owners looking for finance, looking for payment solutions and accounting services. That’s what I’m passionate about and where we can be of actual value.

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