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Masood Sadulla - Head Concierge, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

Masood Sadulla – Head Concierge, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

Masood Sadulla has become one of only 12 South Africans to receive the coveted “Golden Keys” as a member of the prestigious international hotel concierge association, Les Clefs D’Or.

The Head Concierge at the five-star Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town, Sadulla is on a winning streak. He officially received his Keys at the Hilton London Metropole and, just two days later, was named Concierge of the Year at the annual Red Carnation Hotel Collection Staff Appreciation Awards Gala, held in London.

The Golden Keys signify that Sadulla is part of a special group of superbly trained concierges from around the world.

Masood Sadulla says being recognised by Les Clefs d’Or is a major highlight in his career: ‘I’ve known about the association for 10 years and was aware of its tremendous reputation. It’s been a goal of mine to become a member and it’s an incredible honour to be a part of it. Expectations are now sky-high as Golden Key concierges are renowned to be the best of the best and deliver outstanding results each time – I’m ready for this challenge!’

Enthusiasm is certainly one of his great personal attributes. However, Sadulla says the top three characteristics one needs to be an excellent concierge are: “Absolute dedication, an excellent work ethic and being charming also helps!”.

He says the best advice he’s received was from his father. “My Dad once told me to always go the extra mile because there’s never traffic. It’s the best advice I ever received”.

For Sadulla, every day offers something new and different and he has also acted as a Duty Butler to some very prominent guests, including celebrities like Lady Gaga and the Saudi Arabian royal family. He says his job is not without challenges and certainly not without humour. “I always get asked if there are lions in the city. People seriously think we live in a jungle,” he laughs.

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