Love Quilt Project delivers winter warmers


On Saturday 16 July, members of the Love Quilt Project gathered in Pretoria to hand over lovingly made quilts to children in need of some warmth this winter.

The Love Quilt Project creates unique and inspired quilts for South African and American children who are in vulnerable positions, often having been effected by HIV/AIDS, and who are in need of a helping hand. Each quilt is lovingly created with messages of love, which are supplied by children across the world and then are hand-stitched by volunteers. The quilts are works of art in themselves – bright colours, and bold patterns that are unique and creative in every sense.

“Volunteer quilters from the United States and in South Africa stitch the provided art squares into the Love Quilt and express their own special messages through the fabrics they select to sew into the quilt,” says President and Founder Gretchen Ginnerty. “The fabric is like a paint brush for the quilter. The result is a unique handmade quilt filled with love.”


The project aims to supply children in need with an object, that will not only keep them warm, but will also let them know that they are loved. “There are 20 blocks in each quilt and each block has one message of love so, the child receiving the quilt will get 19 messages along with the love quilt logo square,” explains Ginnerty.

Additionally, the project offers important lessons for the children and adults who help to put the messages of love together.

Although based in Arlington, Virginia, The Love Quilt Project – with the help of their South African members – has been able to send around 100 quilts to the country every two years. The creation of these items involves 1 900 children participating in the learning program, as well as up to 100 quilter volunteers.


“We hope that one day we will be able to support making more quilts, teaching more children, and delivering more often these precious Love Quilts to South Africa,” says Ginnerty.

For more information on the project and to find out how to get involved, visit their website or contact

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