“Life’s good when you play more”

LG G5 Jason Statham TVC

The discerning traveller is always looking for the latest and most convenient way to record their travels – and the solution often comes in the form of a phone.

The downside to this is that, despite being ultra adaptable and easy to carry around, the media recorded on the device often pales in comparison to that of a proper camera with its numerous attachments.

The LG G5, however, has emerged as the solution tech-savvy travellers require.

So many features of this phone stand out, but the photographic ability has to be our favourite part of this modular smartphone. The LG G5 has Laser Auto Focus and comes with three cameras, each designed to get the best shot in variable circumstances.

The sleek device comes with a 135-degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to choose between a standard or wide-angle lens, which lets you fit more into the shot. This means you won’t to worry about getting everyone in or cutting people out. An 8-megapixel front camera also lets you take selfies with a smooth, unblemished image. You can also take two photos at once – with different filters – through the pop-out photo feature.


The best photographic feature is without a doubt, the zoom-out component. Most smartphones let you zoom in on a shot, but this is the first time we’ve come across zooming out. Perhaps you find yourself at the Eiffel Tower among a bustling crowd, leaving you with little space to move around. The zoom-out function allows you to capture the full beauty of the monument from the spot you’re standing in.

LG G5 and Friends technology takes your overall cellular experience to the another level by introducing a number of attachable accessories. The LG CAM Plus slides into the detachable battery compartment of the device, making it easier to take one-handed snaps. With a shutter and autofocus, this add-on offers a traditional camera experience without the added weight.

Another great ‘friend’ is the LG 360 VR virtual headset, which gives a high-definition experience of videos and games loaded onto your G5 device.


If you’re not too keen to splash out on the Friends, the endless built-in features of the LG G5 will ensure your smartphone needs are met. The Always On display means you won’t need to unlock your phone to view your notifications or the time, letting your travel companions sleep soundly if jet lag is keeping you up. And the design stands out as a beautiful piece of technology with a full metal body. The lack of disruptive lines, shining cut and bold colour choices are bang on trend.

With all the G5’s features and optional extras, we’re completely on board with LG’s new brand philosophy: “life’s good when you play more”.

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