Launch of Godet Cognac

Cognac-lovers in South Africa will soon be introduced to a new player set to take a major piece of the market. French family-run Godet Cognac recently launched a range of their finest Cognacs locally.

Godet House, which is one of the oldest family-owned Cognac houses, dates back to the 1500s. Its distinctive blends featua floral, fruity nose palate, which has earned Godet a reputation for elegance and sophisticated balance.

The Cognac house is based in La Rochelle in France, the birthplace of the spirit. Godet is one of a select group of Cognac-makers to produce its blends using grapes from all six crus, or Cognac growing regions.

Godet House has partnered with Cape Town-based spirits company Truman & Orange to launch this fine drink at major liquor outlets.

Rowan Leibbrandt from Truman & Orange says: “Godet is the last of the Cognac houses to still have cellars in La Rochelle. Its close proximity to the sea allows the Cognac that sleeps in the barrels of the Godet cellars to borrow a very distinctive minerality from exposure to the air, brought inland by the sea.

Godet House has introduced a wide range for the Cognac-lovers. Below are some of the Cognacs currently out in stores:

  • The Godet V.S. Cuvee, a blend of fin bois extra-matured for three years in oak barrels, has fresh aromas of vanilla and leather, with a smooth, warming finish. It retails for R450 a bottle.
  • Godet Antarctica Icy White is a clear wine spirit, inspired by the beauty of Antarctica. The spirit is aged in 100-year-old barrels for two years. It’s best enjoyed in cocktails, but can also be savoured on the rocks. It retails for retails for R500.
  • God by Godet is a one-of-a-kind Cognac. This cognac has only ever been in one barrel and has never seen daylight, nor has it been mixed with any water. It’s matured for four years in a limousine cask. This bottle retails for R700.
  • Gastronome Fine Champagne is blended exclusively with varietals from a tiny area of Grande Champagne, which is the heart of the Cognac region. One can pick up notes of orange blossom, iris and violet on the nose, followed with a fruity, elegant smokiness. This bottle retails for R850.
  • The big daddy in the family, the Godet XO Terre is a powerful and masculine Cognac. It has a golden colour and floral, fruity aromas which give way to flavours of cinnamon and spices. A bottle retails for R1 800.

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