Latest Rising Star cave findings to be revealed

Paleoanthropologist Prof Lee Berger is expected to brief the media on Monday on the latest findings from the Rising Star cave outside Johannesburg.

The history of humankind changed in October 2013, after the discovery of a new ancestor, Homo Naledi, in the cave situated at the Cradle of Humankind.

Some 1 550 fossils were found in the cave, and there were thousands more still there, said Berger in 2015. The find included 15 individuals – eight children and five adults.

The fossils were found in a remote chamber, about 90m from the entrance. A team of cavers had to fit through an 18cm hole and climb down a 12m vertical passage in very dangerous conditions to remove the fossils.

The most interesting part about the discovery was that these bodies were carried or thrown into the cave.

This meant that Homo Naledi had an understanding of death, said Berger at the time.


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