La Boqueria: A food market tour in a single restaurant

In the heart of Parktown North on 17th Ave lies new kid on the block, La Boqueria, a restaurant that celebrates some of the world’s  beloved food markets – from London’s Borough Market to Barcelona’s La Boqueria on Las Ramblas – and the age-old cooking disciplines behind revered delicacies.

With a menu flavoured with indulgent and healthy popular street foods, La Boqueria offers a little something for any time of day with a global flair. The menu offers dishes such as a slow-cooked paella prepared in a traditional hearth to scrumptious, warm churros for dipping into a hot bowl of decadent chocolate.

La Boqueria describes its offerings: “Some of the highlights off the Coals menu are the 500g rib-eye on the bone and the Whole Fish Talay, but don’t leave without trying the Kabobs – lamb, chicken, beef or pork belly skewered, marinated overnight and grilled on the coals to maximise flavour. For dessert, take your pick from Churros, GinTonic Tart, Whoopie Pie and other street sweets.”

A carefully considered sense of communal feasting is celebrated in this space, which boasts an interior that is equal parts modern, eclectic and soulful, all tied together with great service. Decor highlights include repurposed quirky pieces of old pieces, like the 1950s-era orange postboxes tiled against the bar.

Speaking of bars, diners will enjoy a new wine selection each week, sampling lesser-known vintages from the country’s wine farms. Brought to you by the team behind Frankie IIII Fingers beer and The Foundry, the ambiance is cosmopolitan yet inviting, making it the perfect venue to enjoy easy lunches and sunsets in vibrant Parktown North, while savouring the flavours of the markets of the world.

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