Khayelitsha-born Monde Sithole summits world’s highest peaks

Avid adventurer, seasoned mountaineer, youth leader and founder of the Monde Sithole Foundation, 27-year old Monde Sithole has summitted some of the world’s highest peaks and by doing so, achieved phenomenal personal growth. From summiting Africa’s Kilimanjaro (twice) to Europe’s Mt Elbrus, the Khayelitsha-born Sithole shared his journey from being a school pupil on a ship to conceptualising the Dare to Dream expedition.

Having being one of the youngest people to attend school at sea, Sithole realised his potential to achieve great things. He went on to conceptualise the Dare to Dream expedition, aimed at scaling all the highest peaks on across each continent. Through the expedition, Sithole submitted Kilimanjaro twice, Mount Elbrus in Europe and Mount Denali – North America’s highest peak. He plans on climbing Mt Everest next without bottled oxygen.

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On what inspired the founding of the Monde Sithole Foundation, Sithole said: “Innovation and ingenuity are missing links in South Africa’s education system that need to be addressed if we are to inject it with new life for the future. Through a range of strategies and initiatives, the foundation aims to promote a culture of achievement, efficacy and excellence by promoting an impactful, meaningful, comprehensive, engaging, integrated and holistic approach to education.”

Sithole went on to say that he carries with him the “suppressed dreams of every township kid” in his backpack. This has continued to be his source of unwavering motivation, with him wanting to prove that all dreams are possible, no matter how big or small.

Sithole highlights St Elena, Fernando Island, Acensicion Island, Bermuda Island, Galapagos and Easter Island as his favourite destinations to have travelled to.

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Speaking about his next great pursuit, the mountaineer shared that the all girl’s climb to Kilimanjaro was next on the agenda, with the focus being on girl-child education. “Our motive is clear: to empower the long-existing role models of our communities. It is without saying that when you educate a women, you educate a community. It’s not just the right thing to do, but also the smartest thing to do. We are short of R30 000 needed to make this a reality.”

For more information or to contribute towards the expedition, visit: The Monde Sithole Foundation.

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