Kenya warns citizens against travelling to SA, citing “rising wave of crime”

The Kenyan government has reportedly issued a travel warning to Kenyans planning to travel to South Africa, urging them to be wary of “a rising wave of crime”.

The east African country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a memo dated 24 April raising concern over an increase in robberies, hijacking, theft, burglaries, kidnappings, rape and muggings against foreigners in South Africa, according to

Kenya also blamed South African authorities for failing to stop the wave of attacks against foreign nationals, claiming that the assaults continued to occur despite the crimes being reported to police, Business Daily reported. South Africa has experienced sporadic and sometimes violent xenophobic attacks since 2008.

“The most worrying element of this crime wave is the rising number of incidents of attacks within the vicinity of hotels,” Monica Juma, foreign affairs principal secretary, was quoted as saying.

“In addition, the diplomatic community is being openly attacked in residential areas and in the central business district.”

Reports indicated, however, that Kenya’s latest move was likely to spark a fresh round of diplomatic rows, months after the two states resolved the protracted visa stand-off.

According to Traveller24, in July 2015, South Africa’s visa regulation that required Kenyans to submit applications for clearance to travel and wait seven working days to confirm whether a visa would be issued was described as a violation of the bilateral agreement between the countries.

The stand-off was resolved after President Jacob Zuma visited Nairobi in October 2016.


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