How to keep your little one entertained on long-haul flights

Travelling with young kids may bring about all kinds of anxieties for both children and parents. Parents are often worried about the comfort of their little travellers, and that of fellow passengers.

A study by hotel metasearch engine HotelsCombined, which surveyed 1 000 travellers, found that some parents keep their little ones calm through extended screen time, while 36% said they used fast food as a reward, as reported by Yahoo!.

The study also went on to find that 10% of the parents of young travellers aged four and younger said they have used either cough syrup or sleep supplements to sedate their children when travelling.

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Some parents may feel pressured to do so for the sake of fellow passengers. “I’d rather give her something to help her along a bit, than endure a screaming fit in front of hundreds of strangers,” one parent told the The Telegraph.

Speaking to ABC, paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Dr Joanne Ging, raised concerns inducing sleep in young travellers. “Unfortunately, [children under two] are the ones you’d most likely want to give it to because they are the ones you can’t reason with, but the risk of complications is too high,” she said, citing the use of antihistamines by parents.

There are alternative methods, however, to ensure a stress-free journey on board a short- or long-haul flight, from creative ways to present their toys to ways to keep them distracted. In the video below, consumer champion Sarah Willingham shares some great tips to for a smoother trip.

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